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HC Car s.r.o
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Fáblovka 404
533 52 Pardubice
email.: info@hccar.cz


Our company offers rebuilding minibus Mercedes Benz -Vito, Vianо according to customer requirements and offers constantly selling new vans Mercedes Vito – Business in basic design / picture related/

We focus not only on appearance but also on the overall functionality and user comfort.

We offer a wide range of modifications :
⦁ Large selection of colors for interior
⦁ Seats made from genuine leather and artificial leather
⦁ Mechanical and electronic controls of the seats
⦁ Efficient interior LED illumination
⦁ Installation of withdrawable tables in a mechanical and an electronical way
⦁ Installation of additional equipment – TV, coffee maker, refrigerator, safe, phone charging station, Wi-Fi, internet, navigation,satellite TV, bar, stereo equipment
⦁ Electronic controls of both side doors
⦁ Tinting of side windows
⦁ Option to separate the driver from passengers and luggage space,with installation of telephone communication with the driver
⦁ Inner exterior of the minibus can be adapted for transporting bicycles and equipment for towing hitch / trailers /.

Any changes are possible with the customer’s request

Deadline of finishing your order is 32 business days after signing the contract.
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